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Legends of Fusion

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What is Legends of Fusion?

Legends of Fusion™ is a Trading card game that tests the players skill in knowledge of combining elements from the zodiac, nature and science realms to overcome their opponent's Fusionist party. Each player has a 70 card deck and can start the game up to 3 Fusionist cards from the start of the game. Players take turns making their move and attack using a risk reward battle system known as Dice Defense Attack, where the player must roll to attack the opponent's party. Strategy and timing are key factors in this game because a roll can alter the gameplay and cause players to think on their next attacks. The 3 ways to win are to deck out your opponent, petrify your opponent's deck, or Perish 3 Fusionist cards in the Perish pile or if there are 3 Fusionist in the Perish Pile. 

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